I’m back after nearly 2 weeks without posting. There’s a reason: HIGH SCHOOL. I’ve started my first year of A levels and it’s different from what I was doing last year (basically is more difficult).

So the lovely Lenka tagged me for to this, and sincerely I’m so grateful because it’s an interesting post 🙂

This tag consist on mention 10 things you love and 10 you hate. After that, tag 10 bloggers and they have to do it! So let’s get started!!


  1. My family above all the things in this life.
  2. My friends. When you find those friends who are loyal and like you, are amazing. I can’t change my experiences with them, and I wouldn’t want to change it!!
  3. Make up. I love to do my make up and also but it. The feeling after it it’s amazing!
  4. Chocolate. Who doesn’t? Is the best pleasure ever!
  5. Music. I can’t live without music, it’s my oxygen really.
  6. English. It’s my favourite language in the world and I want to improve my English because I have a lot to learn. In the future, I would like to live in England so I need a good level on it!
  7. Autumn and winter. I love them, I think the clothes from A/W are the coolest from all the seasons and also I love the weather on them! Cold is amazing 🙂
  8. Reading books. I spend a lot of time reading books and I’m so grateful to all the authors who wrote the books which I’ve read and also to all the authors on this world because reading their books make humans to feel emotions that in real life we can’t feel or situations in real life can’t be possible. And also to make us to feel better and disconnect from our busy lifes.
  9. Traveling. I love when I travel: discovering new places, new cultures… The airplanes (the sensation of fly), seeing a lot of people happy, discovering the hidden places of all the places, taking amazing photos… And the best part: buying food from the country you have travelled (I love to do it) hahahah.
  10. Rain. I know a lot of people hate it, but I sincerely love it. I love the smell after the rain, the dark sky and my feeling when it’s raining.


  1. Spiders. I hate them so much! They scare me a lot:(
  2. Lies (and also liars). When I discover a lie is horrible… It’s better to say the truth.
  3. People who treats you like shit. In my class I have lots of them. They think they are better than you or something and we are equal all of us!
  4. When people eats and talk at the same time. It’s disgusting!!!!
  5. People who talks very loud. It’s stressful.
  6. Maths. Sorry for the ones who love maths but I can’t with them.
  7. Hot weather. When it’s hot, I never feel good (in a good temperature) and I hate this feeling.
  8. Gazpacho. It’s a typical spanish soup made of vegetables and I don’t like it! 😦
  9. Rude people.
  10. Waiting the train. Trains in Spain are horrible, they also are like 10 minutes late!!!!

Thank you for read it! 🙂